Julia Roberts
Is Essay Writing Really Helps to Improve Your Writing Skills?
Hi, I am Julia Roberts, and I am from Nigeria.In our, we dont usually communicate in English, but we learn to speak and write English in our schools and colleges.I just wanted to ask one question which is running through my mind for so long.I am not good at writing skills as I told you the reason above, but I heard that essay is the thing which can improve writing skills if we write it on a regular basis.We are getting essay question since I was in class1 and I write it myself as well, I haven't taken any assistance from cheap essay writing service online or from anyone else. We got one compulsory question in my English paper but still me, and my friends English is not good in writing.We usually practice at home as well, but still, there is no use. I get low marks in my essays assignment. Please tell me if essay helps to improve writing skills then where I am lacking?

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  1. Actually, it is a really good start I am a professional writer At Assignment help service - AOneAssignments.com and BBC blog contributor you can practice to improve it. Read other stories also see how they define things and then expression at yours.

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