Before You Go on Shark Tank, Speak to Joel Goldstein First...
Millions of viewers have been tuning into ABC’s Shark Tank since its initial debut in 2009 to see hopeful entrepreneurs pitch to a panel of seasoned investors. But, viewers only get to see the entrepreneurs’ pitches and negotiations with the sharks—one thing that is missing is what goes on prior to entering the tank.

How do entrepreneurs prepare for an appearance on Shark Tank? A lot of time and effort goes into planning the perfect pitch, memorizing key salesfigures related to their business, and of course, speaking with the man who has helped launch numerous Shark Tank products into retailers around the nation—Joel Goldstein.

Joel Goldstein is President of Mr. Checkout Distributors, a network of independent distributors, full-line grocery distributors and wagon-jobbers that service over 35,000 stores across the country. In his line of work, he often is introduced to Shark Tank products before they even make it into the tank.

“We’ve helped bring a number of Shark Tank products to market, including Signal Vault, BevBoy, and RuckPack Energy Performance Shot.” Joel Goldstein says. “Telling retailers a product will be on Shark Tank is not enough to get them on shelves now—you have to have the right connections and team of distributors to make it happen.”

Goldstein and his team of distributors help these new brands quickly expand, tapping into their connections with independent retailers located throughout the country. What’s the benefit of speaking with Goldstein prior to trying your hand at getting a deal in the tank? Being on the show—even if you don’t walk away with a deal—gives your product a tremendous amount of exposure and immediately leads to a huge increase in demand, which is known as “The Shark Tank Effect.”

Consumers’ interest in your product will begin to increase when the show airs, but if they can’t easily find your product in-stores, don’t expect them to keep looking. That’s where Goldstein comes in. “We focus on getting these products into stores right away so customers can find them immediately after they see them on the show,” Goldstein says. “If you know you are going to appear on Shark Tank, you should always try to secure distribution prior to getting on the show if you really want to maximize ‘The Shark Tank Effect.’”

Regardless of whether these entrepreneurs leave the tank with a deal, they still haveJoel Goldstein and his team of distributors behind them, which some might argue is more valuable as a shark.

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