Four Reasons To Schedule Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment Asap
As a busy mom of four, I know the importance of regular check-ups with my children’s pediatrician. I’ve always tried to keep up to date on the kids’ vaccines and development. But when it came to their teeth, I felt a little clueless. When was the right time to schedule a dental exam? Do baby teeth really need the same attention as adult teeth? And what kind of dentists see children?
If you’ve been putting off that first checkup, it’s time to pick up the phone. Your child can be seen as soon as she has teeth—and the earlier she starts going to the dentist, the less daunting maintaining her dental health will be. Still got cold feet? Here’s four reasons to get your child to the dentist ASAP.


Putting off that visit because you don’t want to scour the web for a dentist who specializes in children? You might be pleased to know you can find a family dentist in Gilbert to meet the needs of your entire family. While pediatric dentists are becoming more and more common, and some children might benefit from their extra training in children’s dentistry, you don’t necessarily have to track down a specialist. Dental health professionals everywhere are emphasizing the importance of early dental care, so if you don’t feel like adding another doctor to your medical contacts, a family dentist can provide care to everyone from you, to your teenager, to your toddler.


You don’t have to be in the mom game long to know kids love candy—but even if you’re super strict on sugar intake, you might be surprised to learn kids consume a lot of sneaky cavity-causers. While sugary “sometimes foods” like dessert and soda are the primary culprits for cavities in kids, seemingly healthy choices—like fruit juice—might be doing damage to your little ones’ grins.


But even if your kids don’t drink juice, the shape of their teeth might make them more susceptible to cavities. The naturally deep pits in my four-year-old’s molars meant she had to have her first filling a couple months ago. Those pits also mean she’ll benefit from sealant treatments designed to keep gunk from collecting in the places her toothbrush won’t reach. A checkup with a pediatric or family dentist in Gilbert can determine if this simple procedure is necessary to preventing costly fillings in the future.


You might be tempted to skip dental visits for your little ones. After all, baby teeth are just going to fall out, right? But baby teeth are more than just temporary chompers. Your child’s first set of teeth helps them learn to chew and speak, and holds the place their permanent teeth will occupy in the jaw. If a baby tooth is lost too early, you shouldn’t just shrug it off—the permanent tooth that slips in could make things too crowded when the rest of the permanent teeth come in—creating (expensive) long term problems.

In fact, most everything about children’s dental care comes down to preventing long term complications. Getting an early start on dental visits will help ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth. Routine checkups catch problems early, help your children learn good dental hygiene, and teach them to make dental health a priority. So don’t neglect those baby teeth! Even though they fall out, they’re laying the groundwork for your child’s healthy mouth for years to come.

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