Why Vacuum Casting Machines Are Popular?
Are you looking for the casting machine just to cast the metal in vacuum? Want to know about the features this casting machine? Why we need this machine? Are you looking for the pros and cons of casting machine? What’s so special about this machine? What are its specifications? Just to gain solutions to all the questions, you can refer to this article.

Vacuum Casting Machines

Basically, Vacuum casting is the process of forcing the metal into the mold just to produce dense, thin-wall and high- quality castings. Vacuum casting is also thermoforming and it’s usually used when there is an air entrapment problem. Also, this machine is used when the material is wire or fiber reinforced.

Now, let’s see the features, advantages and specifications of this machine. This machine utilizes plastic sheet goods just to process it into a mold.

Why to Buy this Machine?

Vacuum Casting Machines are mainly needed to suck the metal into the mold. These machines make your process easier and major advantage is that you don’t need to follow the tedious balancing procedure.

It offers with more reliability and it’s highly durable too. It is mainly used to resolve issues caused due to air entrapment. The machine comprises of melting furnace, vacuum investing and casting.

What are its Features?

It is capable of molding up to 520mm x 445mm x 425mm.

The voltage of the machine is about 230v with the current supply of 8-10 amps.

Oil capacity is around 3-3.5 ltrs. It is also designed with the automatic self-vibrating investment table and possesses heavy-duty construction.

It possesses tow tank system just to generate high vacuum pressure for less porosity casting.

It’s capable of accommodating flask with the size of 2”to 5”Dia and height of about 9”. It’s approximately 110kg weight.

Pros and Cons of Vacuum Casting Machine

  • Vacuum casting machine is capable of creating larger parts mold. The mold size may range up to 48” x 96”.
  • It is relatively fast and hence regarded as the fast prototyping procedure.
  • The production time frame may range up to 4 weeks and it’s really easy to use to operate this machine.
  • It involves low start-up costs. Since molds and patterns can be made without any expenses by the help of MDF, epoxy and high density foams.
  • It’s perfect for repeat castings. Preferably, aluminum castings can be made since it possesses unlimited lifetime.
  • It comes in low price and also ideal for many applications. It’s a worthy product to own.

  • In some cases, defects or dirt in the molds may transfer to the machine.
  • Wall thickness may not be consistent in all cases.
  • Only one material can be generated at a time. Also, finishing costs can be costly.
  • Even though, some issues may exist, this casting machine is still a remarkable product in the market and offers you with better performance beyond your expectations.


Overall, vacuum casting is done to with the help of vacuum just to suck the metal into the mold. In other words, this machine is mainly designed to do casting process that involves the filling of liquid metal in vacuum in the cavity existing in foundry mold. It’s extremely reliable and fetches you with shaped casting by simple procedure.

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