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What is fuel? Fuel is essentially the backbone of any country’s economy as the energy needs of most countries in the world is determined by the fuel availability and consumption. Fuels conventionally used for energy generation are oil, petrol, diesel, coal and natural gas among many others. Oil as a fuel can determine the state of development and richness of a country. Countries self sufficient in terms of fuel consumption tend to be more developed than those which need to import them. Fuels are considered to be an exhaustible resource as they take several centuries to form. Fuels like coal, petrol and oil available today took several centuries to reach the usable form. Oil wells and fuel fields are not present in all the countries equally as a result of this. This leads to import and export of fuels between countries leading to varied pricing.

In a general classification, there are three kinds of countries, those which are at a shortage of fuels, those which have fuels in excess and those which are just self sufficient. This is one of the main reasons for variation in local prices. The countries which are in shortage of fuel would be forced to import fuel from other countries which have fuels in excess. This would require one country to spend exorbitant amounts to import it hence boosting the economy of the exporting country greatly. As a direct consequence of this, local fuel rates in importing countries will be really high whereas the rates in exporting countries would be very low. In countries which are self sufficient, the rates would neither be too low, nor too high.

Despite there being a general trend to local fuel prices online, there are constant variations in most countries. Especially for fuels like petrol and diesel, the prices are known to change every few days. Though the variations are usually not drastic, the prices tend to fluctuate every few days minimally in accordance with the supply of fuel available and the demand by the customers and consumers. Apart from petrol and diesel for vehicle usage and natural gas and LPG for domestic usage, a lot of fuel consumption is to run power plants which eventually generate electricity using the fuel energy. Other fuels required in power plants are intermediate fuel oil which is also known as IMO, lubricant oil and fuel oil.

The rates of fuel across different states and countries is usually standardized but sometimes, it is possible to get discounts on local fuel prices online when buying in bulk. The quality of the different kinds of fuel is also standardized as the usage of low quality fuel may cause a lot of problem. Some of these problems are:
  1. Malfunctioning of the generator or engine using the fuel
  2. Inefficient utilization of the fuel
  3. Insufficient quantity of energy produced
  4. Uncontrolled and excessive pollution to the environment

Without sufficient fuel, technology and science would be set two steps backwards as it is the driving force behind all modern appliances and innovations. While there are alternative sources of energy like solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, nuclear energy etc. fuel exhaustible fuels like oil and petrol remain to be the front runners or energy generation in most countries all over the world. This is due to high research costs, investment costs and low yield given by these alternative sources. Many countries lack the means to set up facilities to harness these alternatives where others do not find the energy produced by these sources sufficient to provide for their needs.

The use of fuel for energy generation causes pollution to the environment and so, the consumers must be cautious of the harm caused to the nature and our environment.

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