How To Use Shrink Film Wrap For Affordable Packaging
Have you ever considered using shrink wrap film for your packaging? You definitely should. It is because shrink wrap packaging films have versatility in use. Further, they are made in formulations which you can optimize for a wide array of specialized and general use. Packaging with shrink wrap can be done manually or with shrink wrap equipment. Regardless of whether it is a gift for someone or items for shipment packaging is part of our everyday life. Therefore, here is how to use shrink film wrap for affordable packaging.

Kinds of shrink wrap film to use

During packaging, heat is applied to the shrink wrap film to make them get tightly fixed over the item you need to be covered. There are kinds of shrink films to use; polyolefin and PVC film. They are available in various sizes. You can use them depending on the item or items to be packed. There are some variations among the way these two shrink films are used. Understanding them will help you make a decision on which one to use.

PVC film

It is a material made from polymer plastic film. PVC film shrinks when heat is passed over it to cover any item you had wrapped. It is readily available and cost friendly. Here are reasons why you should go for PVC film for your wrapping needs.

• More appropriate for packaging DVD and CD
• Useful in packing non-edible products
• More brittle compared to polyolefin film wrap

Polyolefin film

Alternatively, polyolefin wrapping film is more helpful for packing food products. It can also be used to bundle various products and for gift baskets. This material does not tear easily and has more flexibility in comparison to PVC material. Polyolefin does not emit an odor and you can you use it comfortably indoors. When looking for shrink film manufacturers, pick polyolefin because it offers better performance as highlighted below;

• Friendlier to the environment
• Thin and not heavy
• Less landfill on disposal
• Rolls are light and take less space
• Polyolefin film rolls weighs much less

That is not all

The properties of these kinds of film are different, but you use the same procedure when packaging with them. You either use a heat gun or tunnel. Both come in various gauges of about 10 inches and widths up to 100 meters. Their prices depend on factors such as clarity, shine, quality and size of the film. You can purchase them from online stores which specialize in shrink wrap material plus equipment. Shrink wrap offers you a wide variety of choices with amazing discounts on your packaging needs.

Shrink film wrap is popular or packaging since it provides flexibility with cost and performance efficiency. You have to ensure that you get the right material for your unique packaging needs. With that information handy, you do not wait anymore to have your items packaged with the best material in the market. As long as you select the right material, your packaging needs will be sorted.

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