9 Steps To Finding Your Personal Style

Having your own personal style is discovering what look will work for you for years and that suits your personality too. Whether you want a completely new personal style, or if you want to update your current look, here’s some steps to finding your own personal style.

1. Know your body shape. Understand which silhouettes suit you most and are the most flattering to your body type. Take pictures to see which outfits you can rely on. You can also watch celebrities who have a similar shape to you, to see what they look good in.

2. Hire a personal stylist. Having a personal shopper and stylist can really help you transform your personal style. A stylist knows exactly what you will look great in. For a great London wardrobe stylist, check out this link http://www.imagemstyle.co.uk/.

3. Get items you know you will re-wear. You want to be able to love your style for years and years. So you should only be wearing things you really love.

4. Make a mood board. Have a go at picking out all of the looks you love, and make a mood board. You can do this on Pinterest or Instagram, so you don’t need to physically do any of the work.

5. Know what you don’t like. Pay attention to the items that don’t make you feel good. If it doesn’t make your heart sing, don’t wear it.

6. Find the right colours for you. Research expert tips on what colours suit your skin tone, and test different hues to find the perfect match.

7. Follow a style icon. Find inspiration from wherever you can. Look at your favourite fashion blogs or magazine editors to see what they’re go to clothes are.

8. Clean out your wardrobe. The key to nailing your personal style is to be organised and efficient. Aim to create a capsule wardrobe of 50 pieces or less.

9. Have a go to outfit. Think of it as a uniform. Stick to something that you love. Sticking to a formula you know you can rely on doesn’t mean it always has to look the same. You can always change it up with some accessories.

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