Brands We Love: Armani Exchange

SCANDAL ALERT: Olivia Pope's style can be recreated with other retailers. Olivia Pope has arguably the best professional style on television. No matter what presidential dilemma she is solving, she never fails to look flawless. From streamlined silhouettes to simple hues and statement bags, Pope is an incredible example of how to look stylish and flatter your body while maintaining a sense of professionalism. In this day and age it is a constant struggle to merge personal style with business clothing. However, if you implement Olivia Pope’s style into your wardrobe with the help of Armani Exchange you may just find the middle ground you have been searching for. When you analyze her ensembles they have a distinct methodology. She consistently pairs statement outerwear with a structured bag, sleek slacks and feminine accents. Thanks to Armani Exchange finding and styling these pieces has never been so easy!

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