Washington D.C. Meet The Sporty New Smartcar Convertible

Smartcar soft-top convertible driving all around some of the Districts coolest locations, like Georgetown Cupcake and Current Boutique in Old Town Alexandria.

You've seen them zipping all over town, and we know you wonder what driving one of those tiny cars is like. So we've enlisted our Managing Editor to switch-out his car for a few days and tell us what he thinks. Here is what he say's.

The overall handling of this model was surprisingly nimble. The car has a relatively wide wheelbase considering its low profile and extremely short body length. The soft-top actually doubles as a convertible top with the push of a button, which is a really cool feature for those warmer days. Also the removable top makes the car seem MUCH roomier for taller drivers.

The handstiched leather seats were amazingly comfortable and they heat-up quickly. The car features a tailgate, which make sense for many reasons that you'll understand if you ever get to drive one for a week. All-in-all the only downside to the tiny little Smartcar is when you really stomp on the gas the transmission can feel a bit jerky, like you are driving a sportscar with a really tight gearbox. I have to admit though....I LOVED IT!!

"I might be trading forever, I don't want to give it back. I got so many compliments on my Smartcar, you would think that it was an exotic sportcar or something.  I had a guy in a Porsche Carrera stop me in Old Town Alexandria to tell me how cool my car was."

- Eugene Smith

Promotional Video:

Smartcar soft-top convertible driving all around some of the Districts coolest locations. It also makes a couple of appearances outside of several Current Boutique locations. Current Boutique is a premier sponsor in The upcoming show MakeoverMobile.com starring Designer Dyanne Marte of Dennyaco.com.

This promotional video was filmed by Malcholm J. Reese of MJR Visuals and Produced by WashingtonDCStudios.com for DC Life Magazine.

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