I Spy Plaid

collage of plaid The 90s grunge-ish look has hit us hard this fall, and I am all for it! I first spotted the print at Zara. I walked right past it confirming that plaid hasn't been my thing for the last 4 years. However, when I saw the dark red plaid Plaidtights casually clipped on a wooden hanger, my heart skipped a beat and now I want it all. I want the plaid tights, the tops, the skirts, the bows. I definitely want the Free People plaid trench. I am plaid greedy. There is no other way to put it. Check out the many ways you can wear plaid, and I can promise you that you'll have plaid fever. There are so many different ways to play plaid; its hard to get bored of this Fall. Check out the slideshows I have put together, thanks to polyvore.com, and get inspired on ways to wear plaid comfortably. Enjoy!

Written by: Ghazel Rashid 

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