Internationally Known: Top 5 Fashion Items to Pack for Travel

Clothes that you should always take with you when traveling.

When was the last time you took out some time for yourself? A trip to the spa, or go on a picnic, or a vacation? Well this is what the summer is for, to break away from your stressful life and treat yourself to some "you" time - as in my case. I am taking some time out from my busy life to relax and go on a cruise to Mexico. Yes I know you’re jealous, but there is one thing that troubles every girl when it’s time to pack for a big getaway. “What should I wear?” How do you know what clothes you’ll need for a 5 day trip? I mean after all anything can happen, and you could meet anyone. Let this article be your guide to the top five clothing items to pack when traveling. Why not keep up your chic style on the go, and let your style be known internationally?

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