The Butcher's Block

Because we all need that little place where we can have a glass of wine and some prosciutto every now and then...

Washington D.C. has been and  never will be lacking in excellent places to shop and eat, which makes choosing a restaurant and a local place to shop all the more exciting as you never know what you may stumble across unexpectantly.  This very thing happened to my family and me the other day.  While my husband and I were showing my Californian in-laws all the beauty Washington D.C. has to offer, we made a special trip into Old Town Alexandria. This part of Virginia really does radiate an east coast feel with its tiny shops, historical structures and local town feel.  After a few hours of taking in the local sites, our California blood started to yearn for something brewed or fermented.  We therefore naturally gravitated towards finding a brew pub, winery or a tasting room. With the help of my mother-in-law peering through shop windows in search of libations, we came across The Butcher's Block  located ajacent to chef Robert Wiedmaier‘s Brabo restaurant off of King Street in Old Town Alexandria.

The Butcher's Block emanates a welcoming and low-key atmosphere that is anything but intimidating and very inviting. This small shop is full of everything you made need for a perfect picnic, a day out in the sun with friends, entertaining for a cocktail parties or even a dinner at home for two. It's not hard to find something you wish to enjoy with items such as freshly baked artisan breads, house-made sausages and pates, a large selection of cheeses and olives, take-home meals and a variety of  meats, poultry & seafood. This shop has a quant European feel and not only offers excellent food and hors d'oeuvre's, but also has an impressive wine selection which you can taste in house.

Upon learning our little tour group was from California, our server even went through the trouble of allowing us to taste California grown wines and then had us taste similar Virginia grown wines. She then proceeded to compare and contrast between the tastes of wines grown on opposite coasts. This experience was quite eye-opening as my California wine snobbery has previously hindered me from stepping outside of the Sonoma Valley and enjoying the wines of my now home coast. I can now proudly say that there are some brilliant Virginia wine choices out there, many of which can be found at The Butcher's Block.  I definitely suggest a visit to this wonderful shop and while you are there make sure to pick up a bottle or two and have your very own west coast v. east coast wine show down. 

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