Mad About Mad Men

Calling all Don & Betty wannabes! Banana Republic has launched a Mad Men-inspired collection for the spring.

They say the first step is admitting, so here it goes.

My name is Jessica, and I am a “Mad Men-aholic.” And, by the way the internet has been buzzing with murmurs of anticipation for the hit series’ long-awaited return this past Sunday. It seems I am not alone in my fanatical state.

For me, and most other devotees, the show is about much more than simply the story lines and characters (which, trust me, are superb on their own right). What has contributed greatly to the success of Mad Men is the appeal of its 1960’s era Manhattan setting. The men are stylish, sleek, and dignified. The women are chic, ladylike, and polished. The last drag of a Lucky Strike cigarette is chased with a swig of an Old Fashioned, and there is an heir of irrefutable debonair that is palpable even through basic cable.

Yeah, you can say I’m a little obsessed.

So what if a weekly dose of Don Draper and the Madison Ave gang is just not enough to satiate us fiendng addicts?  Lucky for all of us “Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce” wannabes, there is a way to incorporate a little more Mad Men into your life. Clothing store chain Banana Republic has teamed with the show’s costume designer, Janie Bryant, to create and launch a Mad Men-inspired clothing line.

The collection, which is available both online and in-stores, features men’s and women’s items evocative of the sharply dressed characters we have come to know and love.  Described as “inspired by the silhouettes of 1960’s style, reinterpreted for today,” the line is a breath-taking homage to the iconic panache that Mad Men has become so infamous for.

Some personal favorites of mine include the "Betty" dress, the cigarette pant in "Majesty," the "high ball" cocktail ring, and, for men, the tipped shawl-collar cardigan and the modern fedora.

So, make sure to pick up your own little piece of Mad Men from Banana Republic for this spring’s wardrobe (Old Fashioneds and Lucky Strikes not included).

Click Here to shop the collection online!

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