Winter Tresses and Distresses

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The winter months are often accompanied by a multitude of benefits that we reap with excitement- the utilization of chic winter accessories, like scarves and boots, an excuse to quadruple your intake of Starbucks Gingerbread Lattes (hey- you have to stay warm, right?!), and a heightened desire to cuddle. Despite all of these little pleasures, colder weather can manage to have some detrimental side-effects, specifically on the state of our hair. Any woman can attest to the fact that with the dropping of the temperatures comes the rising of hair havoc. Because of a dryer air quality, a lot of women experience an increase in hair-static during the cold-weather months. This is not only extremely irritating but also unattractive and definitely unwanted.

To abolish static in hair, try infusing more hydration-based products into your daily hair regimen. One terrific way to achieve this is by using a deep conditioning mask on a weekly basis. Another trick of the trade? Try rubbing a dryer sheet over your static-crazed locks! I recommend carrying a few sheets in your handbag for static emergencies. Winter months mean shorter days and, often, more time spent indoors and out of the sunlight.  As a result, many women might notice that their hair color tends to be duller than in warmer weather days. However, increasing salon trips for coloring treatments not only can become a burden on your wallet but your overall hair quality.

An effective solution to dull color is a gloss or glaze treatment. They are simple, cost-effective, and practically fool-proof, as well as ideal for boosting shine and light-reflecting pigments in hair. Or, if you’re feeling especially daring, take a gander at an at-home highlighting kit. Many are suitable for even hair-dye neophytes and can add just the right amount of "pizzazz” to your current shade.

Another common winter hair-care issue that many women suffer from is dry scalp, due in large part again to a dryer and more frigid air quality. This can lead to itchiness and (gasp!) dandruff. The only white dustings on the ensembles of fashionistas should be from a snow flurry, not a dry scalp. Several beauty specialty stores offer products designed to restore a scalp back to health, all of which can be easily integrated into your pre-existing hair routine.

Last, but by no means least, many women will experience dreaded “hat hair” during the colder months. But fear no more - there are ways to stay both warm and volumized! If your hair is looking especially flat after rocking a cap, consider carrying a mini bottle of aerosol hairspray in your handbag; spritzing your roots will add instant body to your tresses.

Written by: Jessica Farley 

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