2014 Winter Olympics-inspired Fashion and Beauty

The 2014 Winter Olympics has just begun in Sochi, Russia. People from all over the globe are anxious and excited to see their countries take home the gold. Will the American team strike gold this year? Let’s hope so! But in the meantime, let’s focusing on our athletic winter fashion and beauty routines to keeps us fit for fight until the spring comes along. Keeping your body protected from the cold winter weather is important for the skin to stay moist and healthy. With the product displayed in the slideshow above, the skin, hands, face and hair can stay nourished even when the temperature falls. It’s crucial not to neglect your skins needs, especially during the winter months when the cold can have such an impact on the health of your skin. Thereby, I recommend you investing in truly great products that will leave your skin smooth, nourished and healthy-looking. Perhaps it’s time for a home-spa-day? Your body will thank you!

Written by: Johanna Malmberg 

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