Meet Liz Fassbender from So Much to Smile About

DC Life Magazine's "mini series", featuring DC's most influential fashion bloggers, continues with Liz from So Much to Smile About. 

Meet Liz Fassbender, the fashion blogger behind, So Much to Smile About. In addition to Liz creating and writing her blog, she is, also, a cofounder of D.C.'s CapFABB (Capital Area Fashion & Beauty Bloggers) alongside our previous featured D.C. fashion blogger, Lacey Maffettone. Liz's organization, CapFABB, which unites D.C. fashion and beauty bloggers, recently celebrated its one year anniversary. Although, Liz's schedule remains full of fashion blogging and growing her influential organization CapFABB, Liz sweetly took a few moments to answer some questions!
Can you tell us a little about your blog?
So Much to Smile About is a fashion and lifestyle blog that I started in August 2010. I had some extra time on my hands and was hoping to use it as a place to catalog what inspires me and makes me smile. Today, it’s still that place, plus I share my favorite fashion and design trends, style inspiration and shopping picks!
How did you decide to begin blogging?
I’d been following a lot of blogs, but didn’t see one that captured everything I was looking for. I actually had a binder where I used to put photos that I’d print or tear out from blogs and magazines. It was getting hard to keep organized, so I thought I might as well just start a blog myself where I could put everything. It quickly became this amazing creative outlet for me and now, I can’t imagine life without it!
How would you describe your personal style?
I am pretty minimalistic, but love classic pieces and edgy touches. I also adore menswear inspired style, loads of leopard and shades of black and grey.
What is your go-to outfit for everyday wear?
I always turn to skinny pants, cropped and/or rolled, and a slouchy sweater or top. And I love calf-high boots and pointy-toed pumps. It’s an easy outfit and it never fails to make me feel totally comfortable.
How would you describe D.C. fashion?
I think the majority of the fashion here is pretty classic, tailored and safe. But I spend so much time in the fashion community that I forget that. I feel like I’m constantly surrounded by exciting, stylish people – there’s lots of vintage, color, interesting combinations and fantastic fashion risks. I’m so inspired all the time. You just have to know where to look!
Where do you hope to see D.C. fashion go?
I think we’re on our way – but I would love to see continued collaborations and increased awareness for the fashion community here. And it’d be great to get more support for local designers and vintage shops. There’s a lot of talent that deserves to be recognized!
What are your favorite places to shop in D.C.?
The U Street area where I live is my favorite place. There’s a great mix of vintage and designer finds from shops like Treasury, Dr. K Vintage, Caramel, Redeem, Muleh, and more. I also love Hu’s Wear and Hu’s Shoes in Georgetown for the most gorgeous pieces to admire.
What do you love most about D.C.?
I’m always so impressed by the stories everyone here has, where they came from and how motivated they are. I love the community D.C. has despite being a bigger city. Also, I enjoy the endless events and opportunities – there’s always something to do!
What are your favorite activities to do in D.C.?
Is brunch an activity? I also love going to galleries, museums, after-work events and trying new places for drinks. And I play soccer and will wonder around the city with my camera on the weekends.
Where do you find the majority of inspiration for your outfits?
There are some personal style bloggers I turn to, but most of my inspiration comes from street style – like the outfits captured on The Sartorialist, All the Pretty Birds and publications like Refinery29 and ELLE.
What are your favorite spring 2012 fashion trends?
I like that colorblocking and neon colors are staying around – especially when mixed with nude for spring. But I think my favorite spring trend is the ‘20s glam look – perfectly sparkly and jazz-inspired.
Where do you hope to take your blog in the future?
I hope it continues to grow, raise awareness for the D.C. fashion community, and keep me inspired! I’d love to work with more designers, photographers and fellow bloggers, and it would be great to cover more events outside of the D.C. area.
What is your advice to aspiring fashion bloggers, especially aspiring fashion bloggers in the D.C. area?
Get involved in the community – join CapFABB, a group I co-founded that supports D.C. area fashion and beauty bloggers. Meet as many people as you can, comment on your favorite blogs and love what you do. Never forget why you started and stay true to yourself.

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