Luz Gerber Sheds Light On The Miracle Of Our Bodies

We're getting closer. Much closer to the day that Thomas Edison once spoke of, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.”
And though she's not a doctor, her lifelong devotion and exuberance towards the human body and how to maintain it in a wondrous way have led many to want to get to know what Luz Delia Gerber is all about.

Luz Delia, wife of best selling author, Michael E. Gerber, is a real light (her name literally translates to English as “light”) in a mostly dark world clad full of disease and illness, much of it having to do with what we choose to put into our bodies on a daily basis. In a way that doesn't come off suchlike a monotone slideshow presentation, Mrs. Gerber sheds her light inspiring her friends’ and clients’ bodies in a most accessible, amusing and organic manner, all wrapped up in a warm spiritual blanket. Her book, "Oh, My Body!: The Undiscovered Miracle of Our Lives" will teach you about the anatomy and function of the eleven astonishing systems of our bodies in a fashion that has never been told in the same way before. A plethora of physicians even applaud Luz Delia with praise and recommendation for her work.

After reading "Oh, My Body!" and getting in touch with Luz Delia for a one-on-one, I came to realize that my best and healthiest days could very well be ahead of me.
Q: A brief history of how you and your mentality came to be?

LD:  My husband calls me stubborn and indomitable. I grew up having a mother who wanted me to be an attorney and she would say that when you have to say something and you have evidence of it, you need to say it. That was the beginning of all of these things. Then we fast forward to 1985, when I met this woman in Boston by the grace of God, Dr. Ann Wigmore. I was dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome among many other things, and doctors wanted to put me on all these kinds of drugs, and I don't take drugs. Ann Wigmore had this aura, like this light bulb on her head, and she introduced me to what you called “raw living plant-base foods” through the courses she taught at her Massachusetts house/mansion. Granted, I had never seen so many green purees in my life as the one’s Ann prepared for us there! Being Puerto Rican, I was accustomed to eat fried chicken and pork chops and beans all the time, so I would look at everything that was raw and cold and green and wonder where in the world I was. “Where’s the food?”, I thought. On the 2nd day, after dinner and before getting ready for bed, as I was sneaking away, Ann said to me, “little one, give your body to the world”. I had no idea what she meant then.
I got to know this woman and I bought some of her books to study as I was there for a few days at her house in the midst of her courses. And I must say, those few days completely changed my life!  ‘Raw’ And ‘Living’ became the watchwords for me. Ann had truly touched my soul! I became an evangelist for this and I realized soon thereafter I have the power within me to heal my body and that I can change my life and I don't have to take drugs or even consider it. This new way of living got me to think back to when a doctor saved me from an exploratory surgery in 1974. He told me that if I wanted to be an old, healthy, vital woman that I was going to have to stop eating sugar, canned foods, frozen foods and meat and dairy. He began educating me on how to let go of the processed foods we were accustomed to eating, and I started eating whole natural foods.

Well, that was a long time ago. And you know how we all are. We are moved by something profound and then life takes over. In many ways, while my well-being living foods lifestyle continued, the passion of it had declined. I got busy in my life, distracted by all the things that distract us in our lives. Ann Wigmore had passed away in a fire which consumed her home in Boston, and it wasn’t long before I left most of the raw and living behind. So it was that just four years ago, in the middle of the night, God told me to find Ann Wigmore. I googled Ann and found Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida, one of the institutes which had been founded in her name, but Ann had passed over 20 years ago. You might say I received the call! 

From that moment on, everything happened so divinely and I went to Hippocrates for one week, and after being there, I realized it was going to be much longer than that. Three weeks, actually. My husband couldn't believe it. At the end of the three weeks I went home and said I am going to be going back to the Hippocrates institute, this time for three months and become a health educator. Again my husband was shocked. I said “honey, God spoke.” and he said “Ok, then you better listen”. So there I went for nine weeks and by the end of 2012, I was a new woman! I went from 170 pounds to 118. Totally different. My life had been entirely turned around. My husband's life has totally turned around too.
Q: You mentioned that it helped turn around your husband's life, bestselling author Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth Legend, by going on an all plant based diet. What has it been like for both of you personally?

LD: Amazing. I don't eat meat, I seldom eat the things that restaurants prepare with all the salt, sugar and fat. I told Michael when we met some 10 years ago, that if you want me to be your queen, you're going to have to eat the way I eat because I'm not going to eat the way you do. Michael drank alcohol, ate pasta, cheese, pork, beef etc. He said “I'm your king and I will do whatever you say and you're going to marry me”, which was a great thing. So he went on the program, and after we got married, a year later, he pretty much thought to himself that “Ah I got the bride, I don't have to do the program anymore”. Little by little, he went back to his old ways, which was a difficult for me. Eventually I just did my thing and he did his thing. We love each other, but we didn’t eat together! (laughter)

In the recent months, I started talking to him about his sleep, since he is a 24/7 creative machine and sleeps very little. I started talking to him about this because that's the only way he's going to keep that brilliant brain of his alive and healthy. I told him how, at the age of 79, how vital sleeping and eating properly is for him at this time in his life. I told him to tell me the plant based foods that he preferred and I also said that I wished him off of all medication (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.). He came back to me and said that he was going to go on my program again but I had to be responsible for what he eats. I took him off fats, sugars and salt but allowed him to have balsamic vinegar, that's it. Our dressings are made of all yummy vegetables. Michael eats steamed veggies in the evening, germinated organic raw hummus and some celery sticks or red or yellow peppers, as well as “The New Quinoa Rice” in the evening. His salads consist of greens, kale, arugula and spinach. His breakfast consists of oatmeal in the morning with the vital phyto nutrients intact.
After this went on for a little while, we noticed his blood pressure began going down at a rapid pace. We took him to see the physician and his blood pressure was 109. The doctor wanted to keep monitoring it but after the doctor began to see the consistency in the blood pressure being lowered, she decided to take him off all his high blood pressure medications.... When he hears about his ex-wife however, his blood pressure ends up around 200 (laughs). Truly though, his blood pressure has been between 118-134. He dropped his weight and is wearing a suits from his closet that he hasn't worn in six years. You wouldn't know he is 79 years old. This is the realization of my dream coming true faster than the speed of light.
Q: I noticed that the butterfly is a subject matter in "Oh, My Body!" What is the significance of this, respectively?

LD:  The butterfly, in "Oh My Body!" represents the immune system and the heartbeat behind that. Why I chose animals to be the spokespeople behind my book is because I feel like it is something people can relate to since many of us, including myself, love animals. Besides, I don't have a medical degree, (Although I have enough alternative certificates to wall paper a wall). I have been studying the body since I was fifteen years old and have also studied anatomy thoroughly for years. All the systems are all very important. You can't be a healthy being when one of the systems is failing. They all work together. The way I see it, the butterfly goes through the struggle of being a caterpillar. Their life is very short, 3-7 days. The longest time is spent in the cocoon. And today, you and I go through the struggles of life with everything that is happening around us. Trying to get out of that cocoon until we finally emerge, to become enlightened. It's a different mindset.
Q: You have found a way to break the intricate body down into a way that everyone can understand, without even having a medical background. Was this difficult for you?

LD: No. Everything I write is infused by God. When I was a young child, an encyclopedia salesman came over to our house to sell books. He had some specialty books on hand. The three books I was most interested in covered the eye, the brain and the heart. I asked my mom to buy those books and she did. There was something about those books that were intriguing to me at such a young age and that was when I started learning. This has been my journey for most of my life.
Q:   This all comes at a time when it has been confirmed by scientific research that processed meat does indeed cause cancer. Do you agree or disagree?

LD:  Absolutely, I agree. The bodies of study that I have been involved with in the past seven or eight years have shown this to be so. I read a book, "The China Study," by T. Campbell. The author was a cattleman, had a farm and killed cattle and ate it, living that way for forty or fifty years. In the last thirty years or so, Mr. Campbell has been doing research and his studies showed that protein from animals such as meat, butter and turkey do turn on cancer cells and when you stop eating them, it actually turns cancer cells off. These are studies that are confirming that a lifestyle of not worrying about what we eat is a major problem for us.

You can get a copy of my book, glossy or matte here: and let me know to whom you wish me to personalize it.

Written by: Daniel Fecht 

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