How We Beauty Queens Cheat On Beauty

Former Mrs. Maryland America, Raquel Riley Thomas, challenges our readers to cheat on their bathroom routines with insider beauty tips from her Beauty Pageant Queen friends.

There is a significant amount of work that goes into being a Beauty Pageant Queen. From hair, makeup, gowns, shoes, bikini waxing, and tough work-out regiments, beauty pageant competitions can get strenuous. What’s even more of a challenge is that in the “Mrs.” pageant system, most ladies don’t have time to do all these steps all day, every day. In pageants geared toward married women, most of the ladies who compete already have a full daily schedule. I like to joke that a married pageant queen has to juggle 3 jobs, 4 husbands, 5 kids, and 6 community service projects. A modern-day superwoman!  

A surprising fact is that many married pageant contestants do not “prep” hard for a pageant. Now don’t go throwing darts at this article yet, let me explain. The reason we don’t prep hard is because…drum roll… we “cheat” on beauty. Now don’t get me wrong, in a beauty pageant; you do have some sort of beauty going for you (…hey if you want to play the game you have to do as the Romans do). However, since we don’t have time to get pampered every day, we sometimes take shortcuts. To give you a few examples, I reached out to a few of my fellow beauty pageant comrades and received some great tips. I even threw in a few of my own.  

I challenge you, the reader, to try some if not all the tips, and you will be looking like your favorite pageant queen.  

Written by Mrs. Raquel Riley-Thomas

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